Becoming Google Certified Associate Android Developer

Certification can be a good Resume booster and also a way to show your potential employer that you are actually a good guy for the Job, it builds your self-confidence and gives you an edge among other developers.

Here are some tips to becoming a Google Certified Associate Android Developer and also I will be sharing some online document that you can follow to go from zero knowledge of Android Apps to become a Certified Android Dev.

What is Google Certified Associate Android Developer?

This is the official certification from Google for Android Developers, the certification process is in two forms, hands-on coding test within 24-hours and exit interview within 10 minutes.

What does the exam entail?

The exam basically tests your knowledge on Basic Android Components, Activity|| Services|| Broadcast Receiver || and Content Provider, it doesn’t test much of your knowledge on Java or Kotlin, you are going to complete a project within 24 hours and also an exit interview within 10 minutes.

Tell me about the 24-hour project

Well, it’s nothing to be afraid of, you will be given a project specification and a mock-up of the final result, the project will test your debugging skills as there will be a bug in the project also a strong knowledge of the Basic Android Components.

Broadcast Receiver and
Content Provider.

You must submit the exam within 24 hours, the exam dashboard will start counting the time immediately you logged in to the exam porter, you won’t need any third-party library for the project, some code will have been writing for you and you are not allow to delete any existing created files because part of the grading process will be done by program software or machine.

after submitting the project, you will need to verify your identity via, you will need to upload either your National ID card, International Passport or Driving license (School ID card is not allowed).

Let me know about the 10 minutes Exit Interview

The exit interview is 10 minutes and you will only be called for the interview if you have passed the coding project and submit within the time frame, if you have been called for the interview there is 80% assurance that you have passed the whole exam. The interview will be done via where you will be asked 5 questions and answer it on live video, the question will be from the project and also some theoretical knowledge of Android Components.

Then after finishing with the interview, you are likely to receive a congratulation email from that you have passed the whole exam.

What will happen if I fail the exam?

Failure is not the end of life but an opportunity to try again, fail again, try again and fail better.
You have three attempts for the exam, if you are unable to submit the project within the required time or you are unable to implement all the new features, your exam will be marked as failed attempt you can immediate take another one that will follow the same process as the first one without paying any amount, if you fail again you will have to wait and study for some time before you can try your last attempt, and finally if you fail the third time you will have to pay for another exam.
But if you study very well, you don’t have to fail, remember “if you fail to prepare then be prepared to fail”

I want to try it, how do I sign up for the exam and what is the cost?

The exam is $149, you have to pay with your google email, you can pay and take the exam later at your convenience (check below for the link to the exam page)

Do I need to know Java or Kotlin before taking the exam?

Currently, the exam is based on Java, even though you don’t need to know much of Java before taking the exam, Android is more of its components than knowledge of Java

Then finally you get and email as follow

Then after some days, you will receive a link to your page on which contains your certificate and your badge.

Resources for more info about the exam

Resources to get started in Android Development

First and foremost, if you enjoy Good video tutorial UDACITY.COM is the best place to learn, not only because of rich video content but also you will be trained by Google Expertise,

you can either pay for the Nanodegree program or you start learning with the free tutorials
For Nanodegree–nd818

For Free contents, start with–ud834

In Addition to online video resources
You can check out the awesome playlist from Google Developers in India

You can pay for video courses on to, they also have some google tutorial on Android development

and last but not the list

But if what you enjoy reading is PDF

I will recommend reading this from Google Developer Advocates

and after that

You have to take that in order

But if what you like is one on one physical training

Cloudware Technologies is the best place to train in Oyo-state, their instructors are certified already and they follow a world-class curriculum, and our previous projects speak
kindly email me on for more info

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