Google for Africa Scholarship Oyo-state Recap

Hurrah we had our last meetup on the 30th of June 2018
Summary of Google scholarship for Africa in Oyo-state Nigeria

About Oyo-state

Oyo-state has the largest city in Africa by land and it is situated in the South-Western part of Nigeria, there are some amazing and interest fact about Oyo-state Nigeria.
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About Google scholarship for Africa #ALCwithGoogle

On 22nd of March, Google announced interest to Empower Africans with Technological skills (Web and Android) in partnership with Andela and Udacity, the program started officially on 8th of May 2018 and officially end on 6th of July 2018. Over 15,000 learners were selected and they were added to the Official slack channel provided by Andela and they were given access to their various course of choice (Web or Android) on Udacity, there are two levels in the program (Beginner and Intermediate)
You can read more about the program follow the link below

Google scholarship for Africa Oyo-State Nigeria #ALCoyo

This is actually the purpose of this post, to give a summary of Google scholarship for Africa in Oyo-state Nigeria as a Facilitator of the program.
It is my pleasure for been selected as a facilitator for this program, it was a good and challenging experience for me because not only we have to plan for the meetups and also we have to drive learners to come to the meetup.

There are over 400 selected learners in Oyo-state, in both Beginners track and intermediate track, by default intermediate learners are not to come to the meetup because they are matured in the system already. So we have to plan for over 300 beginners scholars

So as the journey began we had meetup 1.0

We had our first meetup on 26th May 2018 LPI Hub inside the University of Ibadan. As the meetup is happening across four different countries in Africa organized by Andela, out of the 300+ selected learners in Oyo-state we had over 230 attendees (Both Male and Female) and the event was awesome.

We talked about Overview the Google for Africa scholarship in partnership with Andela and Udacity, what each learner get during and after the program, how to prepare for the journey ahead, how to face coding challenge and how to solve coding problems. then we set up Working space for the learners (Android Studio for Android scholars and Text Editor for Web scholars), then finally we share Udacity offline resources and we end the program for the day.

Here is the link to the pictures on google drive

When the going gets tough, only the tough get going. meetup 2.0

Our second meetup held on 9th of June 2018 at the same venue at LPI HUB inside the university of Ibadan, as the going gets tough, only the tough get going. We try all could to get all the selected to the venue but due to the nature of human being, we only had 120+ because many of the learners have started given up already. We talked about how to submit Ramadan Challenge and solve code-related challenges, we had a little brief about Git and Github and finally achieving success and skills through Andela Learning Community.

Here is the link to the pictures on google drive

The birth of tech leaders in Africa meetup 3.0

Finally, we had the third and final Meetup on 30th of June 2018 and it was awesome. We talked about what next after the scholarship and how to survive the developer ecosystem, many learners share their experience during the program and also success stories which you can check on twitter by following #ALCoyo and I will also be sharing links to learners article at the end.

Here is the link to the pictures on google drive

What worked

One of the thing that has really worked well in Oyo-state is the Whatsapp group collaboration, the slack platform organized by Andela is cool but since we have over 15,000 learners on the platform, the learners don’t feel comfortable collaborating through the platform.

Another thing is our choice of venue for the meetup, we have a beautiful place for the meetup though there is fund involve but thanks to Andela Nigeria for the provisionq1

Where we need improvement

Apart from coding, facilitating and teaching is what I enjoy doing, with this experience from Google scholarship for Africa, I hope we will be able to bridge the gap between selected learners and the learners coming to the meetup.

Success stories #ALCsuccessStories

We have a lot of success stories during and after the program, to mention in few, below are few ones.—–4b60a6e2e7e3———————-—–4b60a6e2e7e3———————-—–4b60a6e2e7e3———————-—–4b60a6e2e7e3———————-—–4b60a6e2e7e3———————-

Check #ALCoyo on twitter for more success stories


On behalf of all the selected learners in Oyo-state Nigeria, we say a Big Thank you to Andela Andela Nigeria Udacity @googleafrica, we will never forget the impact you make in our life.
And also my able program assistant for southwest Nigeria Kanyinsola Oyindamola Fapohunda, co-facilitators and able mentor John Ohue

Need to know more about the program or there is something we need to do together? my DM is open @sodiqOladeni

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