Often I heard people complaining about learning a

programming language,

They said it is hard,

They said you have to think,

They said you get errors you won’t understand,

They said this and that,

Actually all they are saying is true, but my question is;

Do you reach the top by sitting on the floor? You have to start doing what you love and don’t accept lazy mouth description about life.

People try to judge programming by what lecturer teaches in schools, believe me that is not programming most of the lecturers are not programmers they only study material to build Small Apps to show us an example, meet real programmer that build and sell Applications and they will tell you how fun it is to be a programmer writing instruction for computer to execute.

Have been in the shoe before and I know how bad it is to hear information about programming from non-programmer, in my own case I know I want to learn programming but my problem is fear, I fear to think, I fear to have a sleepless night, I fear to see errors and problems I don’t know how to solve…

All the story change when ignite my dream of becoming a programmer when I won Andela Android Learning Scholarship, a program that is designed to give people opportunities to learn Android programming from absolutely free that is when I know how easy it is to learn to program from a real developer.

Don’t get me wrong as a software developer, you will get stuck even senior developers does, the manner you use to approach problems matters a lot when searching for a solution. Even presently the Android App am working on keep crashing after a lot of debugging (lolz) but I believe I will get help and that is what makes programming fun.

There are many online solution sites where you can get help and you will be surprised that the problem that you are frustrated about has been solved online, I don’t need to mention problem-solving website but anytime you have problem in programming you can follow any of the following steps

1- Read the error messages.

2- Copy and paste the error message to Google.

3- Join Programming forum and ask questions.

4- Show your code to fellow programmers.

5- Meet people that code the language you are learning.

6- Sleep your system and Rest your brain, you can also walk around.

7- If it is a logical problem, you can draw a flow chart or draw on a plain board to demonstrate the action of the program.

8- Try a different approach to the program, or you re-write the sections of codes you are not sure of.

Learning is sweet, but I won’t lie to you learning programming is sweeter, because it gives you the power to drive the world, to hope for a better future, to have skills you can proud of, to solves problems around you, to be a better person, to have something you can show to the world and lot more…

Having said all these, some people want to learn but there is no medium, there is no money to learn, there is no system (Computer), there is no scholarship, well Talents are distributed but Opportunities are not, whichever way there are some online learning website where you can learn almost everything for free and you will have the skills you want and another beautiful thing about programming is that you will always get a paid job after getting skills. See below for free programming websites.








8- And lots more…

Or maybe your own problem is not even the medium of learning but you don’t know where to start, this days programming languages are many and all of them have eye-catching features, in fact, you will be like learning all of them. I can’t really decide which one you should go for because that should be based on your choice but as for me, I chose JAVA because it is Robust and can work on many platforms like Desktop, Android, Web and so on… but I see people complaining that Java is too hard for beginners to compare to python, python is not a bad language to learn in fact if I will learn other languages after Java it will be python because it is robust also can also work on any platform.

The point here is that the best way to start something is to start anywhere, remember ideas don’t come fully formed they only become clear when you start working on them(Mark Zukerberg), you can start with any language or you meet developers for counseling.

There is no soft or hard way to success, what you need is focus, determination, perseverance and you should also teach what you are learning because the more you teach, the better you understand in fact that is my own passion.

Sometimes I feel like teaching the whole world something new but I have nothing though I always have it in mind to help people with less privilege like me, to give people equal opportunities, to make life easier for people and to be a good citizen of my country.

I will also use this medium to thank for the support of the program and the believe they have for African youths and for giving us an opportunity to pursue what we wouldn’t have pursued, and to teach us what we wouldn’t have known. I’m forever grateful and I know you will like to hear that I won’t stop with this, you have given me the tools already and I promise to make use of it.

Thank you All

Best Regards

Sodiq Opeyemi Ogunyeiwa

Andela Android Learning Student

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