The Java you need to start learning Android

The scary java that chases people from learning android, often overemphasizes I can remember vividly when people are telling me they can’t learn android because they have to become an expert in java before they can learn android. To the best of my knowledge, that thinking is the wrong android is more of its framework than being a java expert, Although java knowledge is required before you grasp...

Problem Solving and Debugging Skills, Developing Software like a Pro

Building software is fun for those that have what it takes, actually don’t let me lie to you it takes nothing but courage, dedication, ability to learn to unlearn and relearn couples with problem-solving skills, which is the essential part of Computer Science Study and Software Engineering. Problems can be break into subproblems and into pieces, following some practice will help fast track your...



Often I heard people complaining about learning a programming language, They said it is hard, They said you have to think, They said you get errors you won’t understand, They said this and that, Actually all they are saying is true, but my question is; Do you reach the top by sitting on the floor? You have to start doing what you love and don’t accept lazy mouth description about life. People try...

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